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To build and scale client-centricity through your team & services, the first step is to build knowledge & know-how. Through our design & creative leadership courses, we equip business leaders and legal teams with the skillsets, methodologies and practices to take client-centricity from theory and put it into practice.


  • Educational workshops, seminars and courses focused on Human Centred Design and Modern Ways of Working

  • Creative leadership coaching for legal & business leaders

  • Specialist project management and leadership for innovation & learning initiatives

  • Planning and facilitating client co-creation & co-innovation workshops

Interested? Get in touch to learn more about our projects and how we could work together.

Design Leadership
Client Experience Advisory


Ground M embraces the role of progressive multidisciplinary advisor and strategic partner in the legal landscape. Part traditional business strategy, design & learning leadership, product innovation, project management, and relationship facilitation. We are here to help you continuously evolve practices and offerings to deliver the best for your audience in our digital world.



  • Developing and implementing a client-centric service transformation strategy

  • Human centred stakeholder engagement and business development strategy

  • Opportunity identification for future solutions to elevate services

  • Concept, product & service development

Customer Insights

  • Client insights research enabling you to build a deeper understanding of your audience

  • Company/Client workshops utilising best practice collaborative, design-thinking tools and methodologies for a truly immersive, relationship building experience

Legal Processes & Information

  • Streamline business operations processes for efficiency

  • Redesign legal information and documents to improve usability & experience

  • Design and build new ways to present information, pitches and legal training

Intrigued? Get in touch to learn more about our projects and how we could work together.


Ground M initiates and collaborates on research projects, studies, exhibitions and writing at the intersection of design, business, technology and the law. The mission is to advance awareness and discourse relating to the role of design in the field of law. Our Founder, Meera Klemola, is the co-author of The Legal Design Book.

In addition, Meera Klemola is heavily engaged in academic research, exploring how to build, integrate and scale Human Centred Design across global organisations, teams and their business strategy in today's digital world. The research draws on her extensive fieldwork at the intersection of design, business & law and in-depth interviews with leaders from global firms. 


Curious? To learn more about Ground M's research or to commission or collaborate on a new research project, please get in touch. 

Learning & Development
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